Change the game

A different way to double up a french manicure.

To bead,or not to bead

I really hate to say this because I had such high expectations for these “caviar” mini beads, especially after seeing them at fashion week. But I have to let you all know, these beads will fall off within the day! Very cool for an occasion, photo shoot, wedding or something of that nature Don’t expect these to stick to your nails for very long, do enjoy them while they last.

Chopped n Screwed

multi colored chopped and split nails

Back at it

Dark pink, light pink, pastel pink, blue, sliver= this! fabulous!

No Pink?

Well not everyone likes pink, or any feminine colors for that matter. This is for you! and I say that with a smile :)

O.P.I. Nail App’s

Gotta love o.p.i ! These are the new nail applications. You apply them very easily directly to you natural/acrylic clean and dehydrated nail, file and trim to fit your nail,and seal it with a gel topcoat. In my opinion, nail stickers,app, or whatever else you wanna call them look awesome but usually last about 1 week. At least for myself and who I’ve used them on. Very nice and intricate design. Your nails will definitely make a statement with these.

Swarovski Crystals and Pink

This is gel polish spiced up and combined with lacquer. I also used swarovski crystals to add sparkle and glitz to this design. Love!

Easy Inspiration

Can you guess where my idea for this design came from?

Love Me

I had fun with both of these designs,as always. Red, black and white always makes for a good combo, and OF COURSE pink and black. If clients are up for glitter I will almost always add it to at least one nail!

Matte is where it’s at!

I loooooove matte! This look is just too cool. very very unique style of lacquer. I combined the matte with a glossed french tip


This is pink gel with a “highlight” effect from a neon orange polish I used to outline half of the nail. Chic…

Bold Gold Glitz and Glam

Holidays are rolling back around, that means its time for show stopping glitter! (who doesn’t like glitter?) I also used the Sally Hanson magnetic polish to create the look of the ring and index finger, which works really great by the way! just remember to make your second coat very thick.

Swagged out Stripes

who knew simple stripes would look so fantastic on nails! mixed with a lil glitter a popping colors, voila!!!


Sexy Sexy Sexy! These is an extremely bold design, I love it! I really enjoy doing this kind of art

A new Flag!

I decided to stick with the same design for all nails with this one. Pink, black and glitter colors created this Jamaican flag inspired art.

Lady,lady Bug

Red is such a beautiful and bold lacquer color choice. I spiced these up using ladybugs as my inspiration.


Careful, gorgeous nails crossing! black and yellow just go so very well together…


There are two different ways to ombre nails, individual nail colors fading from pinky to thumb or vice versa, or each nail fading from cuticle to free edge, that’s usually done with gel instead of polish. both ways are very cute and a very popular look


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! He’s here in the form of nails! Certain designs just trigger images of things and people and this one instantly reminded me of beetlejuice, although his stripes are vertical, not angled, who cares anyway :/ !

Mint Condition

This is just something I put together at the last minute. I had to try this mint color! That is all….

Animal Prints.......Again??!!

Yes! as long as nail art is popular, so will animal print designs be. This is always my “go-to” design. Especially when i’m drawing a blank on what to do on my nails or a client who has not had these design done by me. Zebra, tiger, giraffe, snake, cheetah, and the list goes on! but these prints will never get old in my eyes.

Accent nail

having an accent nail is very very popular, and extremely easy. all you need is two nail polish colors! you can also use glitter ,crystals ,rhinestones, or just simply decorate one nail however you’d like to wear this popular nail style.

Split Nails

When I “split nails” I usually like to place a line of a different color down the middle so that the split is more clear, especially if the colors are just slightly different like the split nails on the right. I just freehand the split (two coats of each of course) and at the end is when I add the line down the middle. Its better to do it that way because it will straighten an uneven split or slight overlap of colors.

Goin’ in circles

I started half moon nails in mind, but with all the things that needed to be done this particular day for me,  I really wasn’t up for perfecting the crescent shape in order to obtain the look of the “half moon” nail (scroll down for pic). so round and round I went. This peach color is Sally hansen’s new and revamped polish called “smooth and perfect color and care” and the pastel color is sorbet. This polish is indeed plush! and you can find it in your local Walgreen’s or Target. The dots are a chrome sliver with clear rhinestones in the middle

Phone Match the nails, nails match the phone!

Ok so the iPhone 4s is probably thee most popular phone in the world right now. I had to get my fancy hands on one! As you know I am a fan of bling and color and pizzazz and all that good stuff! as soon as I laid eyes on this case I had to have it. I just placed matching rhinestones on one nail to match my phone for fun :) I can never put this thing down! Two accessories that I love most had to be put together for a flick! Ladies yall feel me

Cutie Pie Pink

For the pink Lovers here is a design I wore for Valentines Day. Baby pink with red hearts and glitter

Lines lines and more lines...

It is probably obvious that i like nail art with lines. There are a million patterns to create with just lines! These designs are on top of a shellac manicure for an even longer lasting wear. Ive had people ask how to do nail art with shellac and I say its simple. After a shellac or any kind of gel manicure is done, proceed to do nail art as you would if it were on top of lacquer polish, using lacquer polish for your design. you can seal in your design with an additional gel topcoat and cure, or you can just top it off with lacquer top coat! both ways are functional. Just make sure your nail art polish is dry before you cure or top it off. Another great thing about doing using polish on top of gel is that you can remove your nail art any time without ruining your gel! its great

Spring is here!

Pastels are definitely in season! here is pastel blue with a little bow accent along with silver confetti glitter.

Orange slice

orange slice This is a very easy look to create at home for a quick and neat nail design. I don’t wear orange often but this neon orange polish makes me wonder why…??

Short stiletto nails

short stiletto nails A little less intense than the long stiletto style, but make no mistake these are just as stylish. I love the short and long sexy stiletto’s! I added flowers to soften up the look

Hello Kitty nails

hello kitty nails I know this has been done a million times, so nothing more to say except…. Hello there Kitty!

Colorful seasonal nails

colorful seasonal nails I started this design with the intentions on making fall feathers, but as I continued adding more colors this is the result of not being able to control myself! I was a little hesitant about mixing the brights with the brown base, but it turned out looking like a “Happy Thanksgiving!” drawing that my daughter would bring home. You know the one with the Turkey made out of a hand outline with glued on feathers :)


skullsSkulls and bones seem to have made their way onto clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything else….so why not? This gives that funky Gothic edge to your nails.

Inlay Nails

inlay nailsinlayinlayI love Inlay Nails! Inlay means that the art you see is actually underneath the acrylic instead of on top. This seals in your art for a much longer wear! It can be a little pricey depending on where you go, but i’d say try it at least once if you are into fancy nails. The glitter that you see here is so beautiful, it sparkles and shines for weeks without ruining.

Seasonal French

Here’s a way to spice up your traditional french tip for the Holiday season! you can try any color on your tips for a customized nail design to match your outfit, make-up or accessories.

Nude nails with art

nude nails

My favorite part of this design is the flower on the thumb that connects. I adore mirror image art the connects to form something.

Pretty n Pink


Glitter and pink, the perfect princess combo! This is pretty, plain, and simple.

Little Triangles

triangles Just a touch of color and style to this fun summer color

Look at me!


I’ve never had a client ask for eyeballs until this day! And she was pretty adamant about the “hung over” red streak look. I must say it was pretty cool to see the complete outcome of these different colored eyes, and for once my nail art was looking back at me!



I am afraid of almost every insect except for ants! But I think butterflies are absolutely beautiful! These are nail stickers is on top of a no-chip manicure. Protected by a layer of clear nail polish

Lady GaGa inspired black and white nails

gag inspired I think it’s clear why these are GaGa inspired. Long, dark, oval and far from girlie, yea….. pretty much her style. I don’t usually like anything about Lady GaGa, especially when it comes to style and fashion but I am a lover and contributor to fancy nail art so hey, here is my exception.

Pyramid Nails

Pyramids are incredible and unbelievable! I just got inspired while watching a special about the Great Pyramids of Giza

Glitter Fade

I tried to re-create those beautiful J-lo glam nails seen it Celebrities and their fancy hands with this design. These are a bit more colorful but they have the same fade effect that I love so much!

Flower Power

This is nice nail art for someone who wants something small that’s cute and has nice bright colors. I dont know about you, but I would let a butterfly land on this nail any day 😉

Polka Party

Polka dots that is! Join us!

Here comes the Bride!

All dressed in white…………Tips! Brides usually go with the a french tip on their wedding day because of the simple clean cut look and because it matches well with a traditional white wedding dress. If you are a daring bride, you may want to add a little more sparkle or color to your nails, and this can be done with a stripe at the tip (as you see here) or take it a step further by adding jewels like I did with the set on the right.

Black and white

You may think I had zebras on my mind while doing this nail design,but I didn’t. I originally wanted white nails but felt it was too boring, so what better color to pair with white than black? I added twin hearts on the middle finger just for the heck of it…???

Beautiful French

This is a classic french manicure on acrylic nails. You can never go wrong with a elegant french tip, it also serves as a good base for nail art if you want to jazz things up a bit. I topped it off with an iridescent polish to give it a little color and shine.

Stained Glass

stained glassI get “stained glass” from these nails but while wearing them I’ve been told they look like Easter eggs, and clothes from the 90s! All I know is that I love different colors on nails and this was just another way to experiment.

Bows n' Thangs

bowsThis is a design done on top of white tips. Bows on the middle fingers with “rainbow like” lines. These are great summer colors.

Minnie meets manicure

polka dotsThese Minnie mouse inspired nails are among my fav! If you like polka dots this is a design you may enjoy on your hands. This would be especially cute on Halloween with a minnie mouse costume! There are also little black bows on the pinky that are kind of difficult to see in the picture, but they add the the look of Minnie. Everyone knows that bow!

Roller Coaster

roller coasterwhoaaaaaa dont get dizzy :) I love this design because it gives the illusion that the lines are moving.


silver pink This is a different and creative way to make a design on only the tips of the nail.

Behind Bars!

behind bars Welcome to the most beautiful jail cell you have ever seen! 😉 For this design I used a black precision brush on top of this peachy pink. I also added a little gold in between the lines for a little sparkle. I’ve been dying to bring back the old school nail ring! I love it! How could this beautiful nail accessory ever go out of style? Look forward to seeing more it here at Fancyhands! :)

Like A Rhinestone Cowboy!

rhinestone whiteIt’s pretty easy to see how this design was done. Rhinestones on the index, pink on the middle, then a combo color stripe nail, with a letter sticker on the pinky. I am enjoying the glamor/bling/simplicity of this nail design :)

Zebra print nails

zebra print 1classic zebra patternOne print is clear glitter underneath with black stripes, and the other is a black base with white stripes!who cares either way as long as they look good right ladies?

Short and sweet

simply sweet!simply sweet2 This was my first time doing 3d acrylic nail art. I wanted to  make my nails short and simple because they are usually very busy and bright! The acrylic heart was fun to do! molding and shaping it didn’t take very long either. It will be great to see what else I can make with acrylic! stay tuned 😉

Red with Glitter Silver

red and silver glitterThis is actually done on top of a no chip manicure! I just added the glitter “criss cross” design. The butterfly on the thumb is a nail sticker. I’ve had these on for about a week so that’s why they are a little grown out :)

Western Turquoise

turquoise This is the combo of matte and lacquer polish that I’ve been wanting to try. It reminds me of cowboy boots! how the toe of the boots are silver and kind of a pointy shape like these nails. I just painted on two coats of this turquoise color, then shaped the tips with a metallic polish.

Louboutin Nails

louboutin nails A nail tech somewhere in this world must have said to herself “I need to capitalize off the Louboutin empire somehow someway” and she did! She came up with a way to recreate the look of the famous Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes and incorporate it in a nail design called the “Louboutin Manicure” . So me, being the lover of all things nails person that I am :) decided to give it a try! It’s just black polish on the nail and red polish on the other side of the nail. I do like it, but it is a little too plain to be a favorite of mine. A lot of people like plain, so for those that do this is a great way of making your nails a  fashion statement and keeping them really simple at the same time!

*See more about this design in *


summer nailsSo this is one of not too many non-contemplated free hand designs. I just kinda threw these colors together because they are all new to my collection and I wanted to see how they would look. The yellow stripes look like little ladders, and as for the flowers on the ring finger I used nail stickers. I don’t really know what else to say about it except I hope you like it :)

Spring Bling

lavender nails

Since a much needed SPRING BREAK is around the corner, here’s a little something for the lavender lovers. I love this color! And I think the jewels really make this pastel color stand out. This design is also a cute look for Easter :) and even Mardi Gras! This polish is beautiful on its own as well, but in my world accessories are the icing on the cake! If you’re wondering how to add jewels to your polish refer to my Valentines Day nails.

Brick City Graffiti

graffiti nailsWe’ve all seen it! The art of graffiti that I’ve tried my best here to emulate in a nail design. There is such a small canvas (the finger nail) to work with, so you gotta squeeze what you can on the nail to create the design that you’ve already created in your mind. That can sometimes be a challenge but in this case it was relevant to give that look of connected words and letters that we see in graffiti. I think this design is pretty immaculate! I’m in love!

Chinese Symbols

chinese symbolsI am definitely A fan of Chinese symbols! I even have the symbol of Love tattooed on my ankle. I wanted to do this design in red and gold at first, but decided to make the colors a little different from the traditional with a blood red instead of a rich bright red and a melody of green and gold, with a touch of black. Searching for the least complicated Chinese symbols to paint on wasn’t easy :/ so i got a little lazy with the right ring finger but it actually made the deep red pop because there isn’t much red without it, so yes… I am happy with the results of my slacking THIS ONE TIME :)

A few of my favorite things

charm nailsThis design reminds me of a charm bracelet. These are a few of my favorite things… music, love, sunshine! I wanted to give it an edge as well so that’s why I added the black background with stripes. Think of some of your favorite things and try this very customized design for yourself, and chances are no one will have your unique combination of favorite’s! :)

Half Moon nails

half moon nailsSo I finally tried the half moon nail design, and I am pleased.This is another hot nail trend that celebs are rockin’. Like most nail designs that involve multiple colors, you can try out different colors to find the combination that works for you. This look is usually done with just two colors but I decided to add one additional color stripe to make it pop, but two color’s look great as well with the half moon nail.

Colorful Cheetah nails

colorful cheetah nails2Cheetah print designs are endless! You can make them any color you want. The original Earth tone color’s, or you can combine your favorite colors for a one of a kind cheetah print. you can two-tone the undertone, put stripes as an undertone I mean really….make this look your own! It was VERY simple to do. Just sloppily dot on the black in circles and half circles, then fill them in with dab’s of the color of your choice. Don’t let this design fool you! it’s not as complicated as it looks. Try it for yourself and it may turn into your mastered design that you can play with all year long with many different colors.

Retro Nails

retroEven though these nails remind me of Tubesocks from the 80s, I think these color’s look great together! They are fun, bright, and because of the neon I definitely got a “retro” vibe while doing this design.


black and gold toes This design was quick and simple to do. A coat or two of black, then a white outline filled with a yellow polish, which actually turned gold. A cute and quick “on the go” pedicure!

Spring Green and Mellow Yellow

green and yellowSpring is near and its time for bright colors again! This is a great design to wear for St Patrick’s Day, or to show your love for the 2011 Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers!

Valentine's Day Nails

valentines day delight.
This is why I love Valentines day! We get to be as girlie and wear as much pink as we want!!!. So for this design I used a pink glitter polish and painted all the nails except for the ring finger which is just a solid dark pink. (F.Y.I. don’t put glitter underneath any polish because it will look bumpy.) Then I did the hearts free hand. For the jewels I used a wooden stick that’s slanted at the tip to pick up the tiny jewels and apply them, wetting the tip in water to grasp them easier (make sure that the polish is still slightly wet when you apply the jewels as well) A clear top coat is all you need to keep the jewels in place!

California Girl!

california girlI miss my home state! This is my rendition of the popular “I Love NY” T-shirts, but in a much more simple form. I’m glad I don’t need a shirt to show it!

Wave of color

wave of color 2The name says it all!

Square Biz!

squaresI wanted to see how neat I could make squares. This was my first time doing squares. I did just the lines first ( like playing tic tac toe) filled in the colors as neat as I could, then I went back over the lines  again last just to clean up the color that wasn’t in a perfect square. I will be doing this again for the summer!

Black Shatter

cracked blackThis is the Black Shatter polish I talked about in Fancy Nail Trends. It is amazing!!!! all you do is paint it on and the polish does the rest! I painted on the pink polish first, then just one thin coat of the Black Shatter. Watching it break up as it dries is pretty good stuff, its like magic! One of the best nail polish inventions… really. As of now it only comes in black though.


There are more and more polish companies that are coming out with their own version of this shatter kind of polish. China Glaze, Mia Secret, BYS, Cover Girl, and more. It is also available in many colors! And by the way, I just discovered that this kind of polish is not new! it is just being made popular now

Everyday is a Holiday!

 holiday nails

This is a fun turquoise, gold, and electric blue glitter polish by O.P.I. called “Glow Up Already” It’s from the 2010 holiday collection. It’s much more colorful in person than what you can see in this pic. Its very “bling bling” and people WILL notice your nails! Never paint on just one coat of glitter polish, use three for an all out Glam fest! This is A very appealing polish that doesn’t require anything added to it except a clear top coat for a perfect finish.

Everything that glitter's IS gold!

stripes 3 I love working with stripes. Horizontal, vertical, long, short, it doesn’t matter. Stripes can give your nails an instant trendy look. I painted on three coats of glitter gold polish, then used a precision brush for the pink stripes. If you don’t have a steady hand to do it yourself ask a friend! They will be asking you to do their funky stripes next. Looks good with silver glitter polish too.

Kiss Me!

kiss nails in blackkiss nails in white

I love this look!It’s so sexy and romantic! Perfect for valentines day and anytime you want to be kissed….I mean it’s obvious :). I used a hot pink nail polish, equipped with a precision  brush  (brush with skinny tip) designed for nail art. You can find a precision brush polish just about anywhere! In fact, I think I got this one at the grocery store!

Pink panther tips

pink panther tipsThis is a really simple french tip with pink instead of the traditional white.

Pink Purple and Silver

I enjoyed mixing these girlie colors, pink and purple on top of a silver polish for this design. On the index finger I added some metallic flowers just for a little piZazZ! A lot of complements on this one.

Subtle Stripes

This design is a great for a bride. The white stripes on top of a opal or sheer pink color is very soft and elegant.It’s my spin on the classic french tip!

Famous stripes and dots

pink_white stripesfun polka dot nailsThis isn’t necessarily a new look, but giving the stripes a “zig zag” effect, and layering the polka dots makes is just a little more interesting and not so plain looking. I used the nail  art pen (sally hanson) for the stripes instead of a precision brush for finer stripes. The nail art pen is another great nail tool, but make sure the polish you art painting over is THOROUGHLY dry before using the pen or it will ruin the polish by indenting it.

For the polka dots I Painted on a layer of pink polish first, then used polish with a usual sized brush and dotted on each color.

Oil Spill

ooze nailsOops!This actually started out as an accident. I don’t remember how, but this design wasn’t intentional. It came out pretty interesting though. And it was the perfect time of year to wear them….Halloween!

multi-colored nails

wild nail artmulti colored 2

I had fun wearing all kinds of bright colors in the summer with these nails! It’s always fun to try different colors at once. This design started out as just the brown polish, then I added silver glitter lines (seen on the right) then the ringfinger art, a wipe out of the brown completely for the brighter colors you see on the left.