Bold Gold Glitz and Glam

Holidays are rolling back around, that means its time for show stopping glitter! (who doesn’t like glitter?) I also used the Sally Hanson magnetic polish to create the look of the ring and index finger, which works really great by the way! just remember to make your second coat very thick.

Cutie Pie Pink

For the pink Lovers here is a design I wore for Valentines Day. Baby pink with red hearts and glitter

Spring is here!

Pastels are definitely in season! here is pastel blue with a little bow accent along with silver confetti glitter.

Inlay Nails

inlay nailsinlayinlayI love Inlay Nails! Inlay means that the art you see is actually underneath the acrylic instead of on top. This seals in your art for a much longer wear! It can be a little pricey depending on where you go, but i’d say try it at least once if you are into fancy nails. The glitter that you see here is so beautiful, it sparkles and shines for weeks without ruining.

Pretty n Pink


Glitter and pink, the perfect princess combo! This is pretty, plain, and simple.

Glitter Fade

I tried to re-create those beautiful J-lo glam nails seen it Celebrities and their fancy hands with this design. These are a bit more colorful but they have the same fade effect that I love so much!

Chinese Symbols

chinese symbolsI am definitely A fan of Chinese symbols! I even have the symbol of Love tattooed on my ankle. I wanted to do this design in red and gold at first, but decided to make the colors a little different from the traditional with a blood red instead of a rich bright red and a melody of green and gold, with a touch of black. Searching for the least complicated Chinese symbols to paint on wasn’t easy :/ so i got a little lazy with the right ring finger but it actually made the deep red pop because there isn’t much red without it, so yes… I am happy with the results of my slacking THIS ONE TIME :)

Spring Green and Mellow Yellow

green and yellowSpring is near and its time for bright colors again! This is a great design to wear for St Patrick’s Day, or to show your love for the 2011 Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers!

Everyday is a Holiday!

 holiday nails

This is a fun turquoise, gold, and electric blue glitter polish by O.P.I. called “Glow Up Already” It’s from the 2010 holiday collection. It’s much more colorful in person than what you can see in this pic. Its very “bling bling” and people WILL notice your nails! Never paint on just one coat of glitter polish, use three for an all out Glam fest! This is A very appealing polish that doesn’t require anything added to it except a clear top coat for a perfect finish.

Everything that glitter's IS gold!

stripes 3 I love working with stripes. Horizontal, vertical, long, short, it doesn’t matter. Stripes can give your nails an instant trendy look. I painted on three coats of glitter gold polish, then used a precision brush for the pink┬ástripes. If you don’t have a steady hand to do it yourself ask a friend! They will be asking you to do their funky stripes next. Looks good with silver glitter polish too.

Pink Purple and Silver

I enjoyed mixing these girlie colors, pink and purple on top of a silver polish for this design. On the index finger I added some metallic flowers just for a little piZazZ! A lot of complements on this one.

multi-colored nails

wild nail artmulti colored 2

I had fun wearing all kinds of bright colors in the summer with these nails! It’s always fun to try different colors at once. This design started out as just the brown polish, then I added silver glitter lines (seen on the right) then the ringfinger art, a wipe out of the brown completely for the brighter colors you see on the left.