Nail Trends & Current Nail Styles

You may have been wondering why you have been seeing celebs wear these claw like nails. Well this shape of nail is slowly  taking the place of the traditional square shaped nail. This is called a Stiletto Nail. Celebrity’s like Rihanna, are being credited in making this look hot amongst others like Beyonce, Fergie, Keri Hilson, Katy Perry etc…

So my thing about Stiletto Nail is that I like mine to have more of an oval shape because they look clean and natural vs dangerously sharp! (I actually poked a hole in some leggings onc wearing sharp stiletto nails !) Rihanna’s nails in this picture are perfect in my opinion, I’ve seen them more defined. I also feel like stiletto nails should be long. This is definitely a look that I will continue to experiment with!

lace nailsThis is one of my favorite nail trends, the Lace Nail.This design is very romantic and sexy with any color underneath. Another great thing about this look is that you can buy pre-packaged lace nails if your only going to be wearing them for a special occasion. (press-on style,but who cares!) You can also do this look at home using real lace, specialty nail glue and a few other products. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is next on my list of things to try. I will be sure to show pics and share how it’s done once I do :)

3d nailsI don’t know who is responsible for this extremely creative and gorgeous nail art but I love it! This is called  3d Nail Art.I LOVE THIS LOOK! It’s a collection of different elegant designs, and the bow…………i’m speechless! The only thing I have to say about this nail art is that it’s definitely not for everyday. This design would be difficult to keep up for longer than a few days. At the same time, this is a great example of how far your imagination can take you! I’m inspired by this.

keyshia cole 3d nailsKeyshia Cole is making a statement with these lovely jeweled and bedazzled nails! She has taken 3d Nails to another level! I love that the nails are  a basic off-white color, but the jewels add all those bright colors and sparkle!

Another thing about this look, is that it’s fairly simple to do. Go to your nearest nail supply or crafts store (Michael’s art’s and crafts, Jo-Ann fabric’s, etc…) and buy some jewels and apply it them with nail glue followed by a top coat. I also know of a great website for nail accessories  @ You may experience trial and error but keep at it until you get it right!

halfmoon nailshalfmoon2

Another hot nail trend, the Half Moon Nail. This is a cute way to rock two-toned nails. I’ve also seen this look with an additional color on the tip, like a french tip added to it that looks very nice. In my opinion you almost have to have a stiletto or oval shaped nail like the nails in pictures above to pull off the look.

black shatterThis design is created by a polish coming out soon by O.P.I. called Black Shatter. It is part of the Serena Williams and Katy Perry O.P.I. collection. All you do is paint it on top of any color, and as it dries it will start to break up  to create a “shatter” design. I cant wait to get my fancy hands on it. I love O.P.I. polish! There are other brands like Mia Secret and China Glaze making thier own version of this kind of polish. This is a good thing because It will become easier to get your hands on.


I just discovered that this kind of polish IS NOT NEW! This came out in the 90s! Oh M Gee!! I did not know that up until a few days ago. I still love it because it gives  anyone an instant design. So I guess they say everything old is made new again for a reason!

nochip2So some say that acrylic or “fake” nails are a thing of the past, well of course I beg to differ! However, If you are looking for an alternative to artificial nails this may be the answer for you. I’ve done my research on the No Chip Manicure and from what I’ve read about it, people are complaining of damage to the natural nail.

So here’s the low down on the no chip manicure. It’s applied with a special base coat, color, and top coat gel that has to be placed under a UV lamp to be cured. Soon as your nail comes out of the UV lamp its cleaned off with alcohol then your done and ready to walk out the door with dry nails! Now the removal of this manicure seems like a pain in the a**! but it’s really not that bad. Some people tend to peel off the flexible gel polish that is the no chip manicure, and if you do you will peel off your natural nail along with it which will be painful and damaging to your natural nail. You are supposed to soak this manicure off in acetone which takes up to about 15 min. Then you buff your natural nail. This manicure can last up to two weeks with virtually no chipping! It can be pricey though, and some salons will have limited selection of color.

minxI’m sure you have heard of the insanely popular Minx Nails! This is a product applied on your nails like a sticker.This flexible film is placed under a heat lamp to slightly melt it, then placed on your nails, followed by a trim around the nail for a proper fit. There is no denying that the look of these designs are impeccable, and the designs seem endless!They are also applied without any harsh chemicals and don’t usually require any drying time. Sounds perfect and easy right?!

This is not only one of the most in demand nail designs, you can only have it done at certain nail shops that offer it, and the price ranges from $45.00-$65.00 for a manicure and $65.00-$85.00 for a pedicure! Damn Gina, that’s expensive! And on top of that they are supposed to lasts for up to 30 days, but from my research that is complete BS! They last only days before the peeling starts. You also cannot remove Minx Nails with nail polish remover because it’s not nail polish to begin with. You have to blast them with a blow dryer, or soak them in hot water (so much for a relaxing bubble bath while wearing these). I love the look and customizing that you can do to these but they come with a heavy price tag and you don’t get to enjoy them as long as you would like.Also……

Sally Henson has taken on Minx designs with their new Salon Effect’s Nail Strips. I saw them at Walgreens for 10.00 $ about a week ago for the first time. I will try them out soon and see how they work out. The designs that they had were really nice looking too!


not to toot my own horn, but I can do a lot of minx looking designs by hand that will last for weeks! 😉

duck nailsOk ok ok I know if you’ve never seen anything like this, you are probably thinking what the heck!!!! This is another growing nail trend that some people love and prefer, it’s called the “Duck” or “flared” nail. This design is said to be more appealing to a younger crowd for one reason or another? I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this look for the first time I really didn’t care for it, but with so much more space to create designs on this nail, this may be a pleasure to work with! I’ve never done a design on this type of flared nail, nor have I seen this look in person but if I ever come across someone who wants to try it, I would be more than happy to do it for them! Everyone has a different taste in style and trends so I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it. If you like it, I LOVE IT!

louboutin nail This is for all you fashion forward, Christian Louboutin loving ladies out there! This Louboutin Manicure is super dope to me! Some may think this is tacky or not fashion forward at all because of the mockery of the popular and expensive Louboutin “red bottoms” well So what this is MY BLOG lol! so anyways you would definitely have to wear long nails to rock this look obviously because the red underneath would have to be seen. I feel like grabbing my nail polish remover and taking off this design that I just did last night to try this Louboutin manicure, and I just might! I am gonna try this in nude though instead of black. I will be sure to post pics :)

marbled nails So this isn’t a new nail trend but I still like it. This is Marbled Nail Art and it’s been around for a while. The cool thing about this look is that you can combine a million different colors! The not so cool thing about this is how time consuming it is and how much of a mess it makes to do. It’s kinda complicated to describe how this is done but take my word for it. A very cool design though!

matte nails Can you tell what’s unique about this polish? well I’ll tell ya, there is no shine factor! This is called Matte Polish. It gives a dull finish on purpose! I personally prefer shine to my nails, but this is definitely a “sometime” look for me. The really cool thing about this polish is that you can make a design using two of the same colors, one in matte and one a standard lacquer polish. That’s what I like most about it :) You can buy the matte polish in many different colors, or you can buy a matte finish in clear and it will turn any color into a matte. That sounds the most reasonable to me.


  1. ayleen says:

    gurl yur nails inspire me to do some nuts things i just got yoda r2 luke laya and jabba nails luv starwars wooooow u rok i am only 11 years old

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    love them.

  3. india white says:

    Love these hand i really do nice job ladies keep up yhe good work.

  4. Like the Tumblr addict I was, I immediately looked for a “fuck yeah” site dedicated to nails and nail art.

  5. Chu says:

    I think it’s great that people are finally moving away from the standard bland square shaped french manicure.

    The 3d nail art as well as the stilleto shaped nails have been popular in Japan for ages. I’d say that’s where Hollywood is getting it’s inspiration from in that regard.

  6. Sandra says:

    I’ve actually done the Duck flare nails because I had always seen everyone else’s nails looked wider at the top (i guess its just the persons hands) and mine never did it. so i was looking at the designs they had and found the duck flare. i got it and i love it! i just ask them to file them on the sides a little so its not so dramatic. i have never gotten a design on them but i would love to! thanks!!

  7. suzzi says:

    Hi! Great to see and hear the truth about some of this ie. the 2-week “healthy” mani!! Ive had acrylics for about 15 to 20 years and just wear them really short. NO ONE thinks they’re fake but theyre neat and clean and last longer than2 weeks to be honest.Love em!!

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    im so proud of you cuz I cant wait to get my design done keep it up u are truly the best at it I love u :)

    • maya says:

      THANK U SO mUCH,that means a lot! I really enjoy it.I love you too Martha and I can’t wait to hook you up girl :)

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    LOOOOOVE it!!!!!

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    I love those lace nails. I wish they had that design at my local nail shop!